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Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring

Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring is a course which covers topics deemed essential by industry for new river, stream and groundwater hydrographers. It does not cover Hydrographic Surveying. It is suitable for candidates who are employed with access to hydrometric monitoring equipment and software..

Cost of course:

  • Full price AU$3100 inc. GST (includes offer of complimentary membership)
  • AHA Member discounted price AU$2650 inc. GST

On successful completion of the Introduction course:

  • Students who enrol in Diploma of Water Industry Operations within 24 months of completing the Introduction course, will receive a 50% discount on tuition component of the subjects taught by AHA. Should you wish to apply for RPL for a corresonding diploma unit, you will need to pay the full RPL fee.
  • Students will be recognised as Certified Cadet Hydrographers for 12 months at no extra cost. After the initial certification period, normal renewal fees will apply.

Course delivery

This course is delivered online, by experienced hydrometric monitoring trainers.

Subject areas covered include

    1. Site selection
    2. Site installation
    3. Water level measurement
    4. Introduction to discharge rating curves
    5. Hydrometric instrumentation
    6. Introduction to water quality sampling and monitoring
    7. Current meter gauging (includes manual and acoustic Doppler methods)
    8. Stream gauging station survey
    9. Current meter calibration
    10. Stream sediment sampling
    11. Groundwater

Course portal

Access the Introduction to Hydrometric Monitoring course access portal


Hydrometric Fundamentals and Competency Subjects

AHA is developing a suite of hydrometric subjects deemed essential by industry. Currently six subjects are available.

Subject delivery

AHA subjects are delivered by experienced trainers nationally. Training can involve written material, assignments, assessment and tutorials.

Subjects available

Currently six subjects are available. Click on course name for subject outline

Each subject meets or exceeds the requirements of a unit in the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrometric Monitoring) NWP50118. However there are no arrangements currently in place to upgrade your training to the Unit of Competency towards the Diploma.

You can choose to study these subjects by themselves without completing the Diploma.

Cost per subject

  • Tuition fees (does not include RPL towards the Diploma):
    • Full price: AU$750 inc. GST per subject
    • AHA Member discounted price: AU$600 inc. GST per subject

It is not currently possible to study these subjects as part of the Diploma.

Course portal

Access the online documents and assignments and discussion forum.
(You will need to login to your Google account – e.g. accessed by a Gmail or another email address – registered with AHA — we will enable access after you have paid for the subjects as described in your study plan)

Having trouble logging in to your Google account?

  1. Go to gmail.com and login.
  2. Then return to this page and click on Access the online documents and assignments and discussion forum.


Irrigation Australia Training

Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL) offers a range of courses in irrigation, from Meter Validation and Installation to Ceertificate III and IV in Irrigation.

AHA Members will receive the IAL member discount price.

View and register for Irrigation Australia training.


Register for AHA Training

Use this form (below) to register for training where AHA subjects will not count to the Diploma. To register for a subject and also receive credit for the Diploma of Water Industry Operations (Hydrography), follow the Diploma application procedure.

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