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Bulk Membership

If your organisation would like to support staff by paying for their annual AHA individual memberships, we can offer a discount to the membership fee.

Key points:

  • AHA issues a single invoice to a company
  • The company is paying for 5 or more employees to be AHA members.
    • The company is not a member, the employees are.
  • A discount of 1% per employee applies up to a maximum of 50%

Bulk memberships are available where a company is paying for five or more of its employees to be AHA members. The discount applied is 1% for each member included on the invoice, up to a maximum discount of 50%.


  • 4 Members: Discount = 0%
  • 5 Members: Discount = 5%
  • 13 Members: Discount = 13%
  • 50 Members: Discount = 50%
  • 51 Members: Discount = 50%

Contact the National Office to make use of this offer – services@aha.net.au

View all our membership options below and become a member today!

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$150.00 ex.GST

Do you work or have an interest in monitoring and/or managing the water cycle, the science of water including meteorology, groundwater, wastewater etc.. Then you should join today!

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$40.00 ex.GST

If you are retired and still have an interest in water, and would like to still receive our benefits.

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% discount

If your organisation supports staff by paying for their annual AHA membership, we can offer a discount on a single invoice.

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