BlueZone Group Pty Ltd

BlueZone Group supplies Teledyne RDI highly accurate Doppler products for flow measurement and discharge applications in the inland environment. RDI products include a wide array of technical advantages designed to ensure success, providing significant advantages over competitive products and techniques.

RDI ADCP products are further enhanced for field operations by complementary systems including:

  • Q-View QA/QC software. Instant data qualification for the field user, saving you valuable time while ensuring that you’ve collected the data set you need.

A wide range of remote control Boats for ADCP deployment during river velocity profiling and discharge monitoring offer the ultimate in survey flexibility and personnel safety.

BlueZone provides full in-country support for all products from our fully-equipped workshops in Newcastle and Perth. Our Authorised ADCP service centre ensures that your equipment will be available for your river measurement tasks and our verification service provides confidence in the status of your instrument.