Floodplain Management Australia

About Floodplain Management Australia 

Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) is committed to promoting appropriate development within floodplain areas, and helping reduce the risks of flooding to life and property. Our Members include over 140 councils, catchment management authorities, businesses, and professionals involved in all aspects of urban and rural floodplain risk management. We represent our Members’ interests at State and Commonwealth government levels, promote public awareness of flood issues, and provide professional development for floodplain managers.

FMA, formerly the Floodplain Management Association, was established in 1961 when four coastal flood mitigation authorities met at the Maitland Town Hall to share ideas and technical solutions to flooding, and to explore avenues for mutual assistance. This role has grown to encompass promotion of the wise management of floodplains, provision of professional development and information sharing opportunities and representation of the interests of Local Government at State and Federal levels.

As well as advocating the benefits of increased investment in flood risk management programs, and more technical support for Local Government, FMA has over time increasingly sought to shift floodplain risk planning from being simply the identification of areas where development should not occur to the promotion of a strategic planning approach which proactively guides appropriate development within floodplain areas.

In 2009, in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, we initiated Australia’s only industry-based flood risk management course tailored to the needs of technical and land use planning staff, and elected council representatives. The program is conducted by the University of Technology-Sydney, and participants regularly include practitioners from outside New South Wales.

More recently FMA has developed a significant national presence, participating in initiatives such as the National Floods Forum, National Flood Risk Advisory Group, the National Workshop on Temporary Flood Barriers, and the Planning Institute of Australia’s Post Disaster Flood Planning Seminars held in Queensland and New South Wales.

FMA is dedicated to working with all states and territories to raise flood awareness and the priority of flooding. FMA has Members in NSW, Queensland, ACT, Victoria and South Australia, and in 2013 established the National Flood Risk Managers Working Group to develop a framework for national cooperation and advocacy for flood risk management.

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