The 2017 New Zealand Hydrological Society Technical Workshop

3 April 2017 – 6 April 2017

Dunedin Centre,
Town Hall, The Octagon
Dunedin. New Zealand 9016
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Dunedin Centre, Town Hall Octagon, Dunedin New Zealand


3rd-6th April 2017


‘Are you making a difference in field hydrology’ Gauging alternatives, National Standards, Emerging technologies, Advanced ADCP.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for field hydrologists and industry suppliers to network, learn from each other and promote their products to representatives from all over New Zealand. More specifically, we encourage and anticipate participation from leading local government, crown research agencies, water utility providers, hydro power generators, private industry groups and individuals. All practitioners with an interest in the profession of field hydrology are welcome.

It is an opportunity for field hydrologists to gather and learn more about their profession as well as share knowledge and experiences from their working environment or projects they may be involved with other field hydrologists and other interested professionals.

The workshop will be split into 4 days:

Monday 3rd April – To allow travel times and arrivals day one will begin at 10am. This will be a discussion day, with Kevin Oberg from USGS OSW – on Advanced ADCP use. Bring your examples of gauging issues for Kevin and the group to work through. Kevin will also present relevant material on this subject and tools such as QRev for checking measurements.
The gauging regatta day briefing for day two will be at 5pm.
Tuesday 4th April – Will be the annual ADCP regatta. This is an opportunity for organisations to field validate their instruments against another instrument. This year gauging equipment and teams will be tested on a common section. The day will be overseen by NIWA Dunedin, Otago regional council and Trust Power.
Christoph Sommer will be giving a demonstration of the Sommer dilution gauging equipment on the Leith Stream in Dunedin City 3.30pm to 5pm.
Wednesday 5th April – Formal workshop presentations from submitted abstracts, this will involve break-out groups at times depending on the subject.
Thursday 6th April – formal workshop presentations and break out groups followed by prize giving. 2pm finish allowing for travel home.

More information

Full details of the workshop can accessed by downloading the workshop flyer.