Webinar: Gearing up for fieldwork

30 September 2021


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Join our YSI Water Quality Monitoring Fieldwork Webinar


Join our “Gearing Up for Fieldwork Webinar”, where you will see our top recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your EXO sondes and ProDSS meters at the start of the season and every time you head out into the field. Join Kerry Caslow and Curt Butler as they share their best tips on calibration, equipment selection and inspection, QA/QC, and other field necessities.

Live webinar

Thursday 30 September

  • 11:00 Sydney – Brisbane – Melbourne
  • 10:30 Adelaide – Darwin
  • 09:00 Perth

Recorded webinar

  • The webinar will be recorded. Register now. Xylem will send you the access link when you register.

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