HydroTerra Webinar: Reflections on the Yarra

1 October 2021


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An insightful conversation between great friends Andrew Kelly, Yarra Riverkeeper Emeritus and Richard Campbell, Managing Director of HydroTerra on the challenges, achievements and future prospects of Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River and our water resources.

Hydroterra webinar: Reflections on the Yarra


What are we doing about letting rivers be rivers? How can we slow and stop the decline in the amount of water in our waterways? What are we doing to address the disappearance of platypus from our catchments? Is the government going to deliver real change for our rivers?

These are some of the questions that great friends Andrew Kelly, departing Yarra Riverkeeper, and HydroTerra’s Richard Campbell will be exploring in a special edition webinar being held on Friday 1 October at 12:30pm.

In the conversation, Andrew and Richard will chew the fat on the Yarra River Protection Act, the Sustainable Water Strategy, Waterways of the West and the Barwon Initative, promising a good mix of scientific, political and social banter.

And, we all want to know, “Why did Andrew Kelly resign from the best job in the world?”

Register today and tune in to this special webinar to find out.



Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
Yarra Riverkeeper Emeritus

Andrew Kelly is the recently departed Yarra Riverkeeper, a position he has held since 2014. Over the past seven years he has championed one of Melbourne’s most defining natural icons, The Yarra River. Patrolling the river by boat, Andrew consistently admires and observes the wonders of the Yarra, both natural and man-made. He is regarded as Melbourne’s foremost expert on the Yarra and frequently contributes his passion and expertise to strategic planning and policy development panels. Andrew is highly regarded for his environmental stewardship and water quality protection, as well as advocacy and educating the public. On a global scale, Andrew has contributed to the global Waterkeeper Alliance. A true advocate, he sits on the Birrarung Council, as an expert stakeholder dedicated to being the ‘voice of the Yarra’. Barracking for Melbourne Football Club, Andrew also favours activities that start with ‘p’ such as Photography, philosophy and poetry.

Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell
Managing Director @HydroTerra

Richard Campbell (BSc. MSc.) is the founder of HydroTerra. Richard has been a geologist, hydrogeologist and environmental scientist for more than 25 years. In recent times Richard has focussed on monitoring technologies and how these can be applied to improving operational and compliance efficiencies. Richard has significant experience in environmental and regulatory compliance requirements having worked in the areas of EPA auditing, landfill, mining, coal seam gas, catchment management, contaminated sites, effluent irrigation, agriculture, aquatic environments and many more. Richard has significant experience in monitoring system design and implementation