Webinar: 101 Wastewater management | Monitoring & reporting insights

11 June 2021


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101 Wastewater management | Monitoring & reporting insights

Presented by Matt Shanahan (RMCG) and Richard Campbell (Hydroterra)


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This webinar will provide an introduction to wastewater management and the key factors that need to be considered during the design and implementation of a sustainable wastewater management scheme.

Topics will include:
• What is wastewater?
• What are the obligations associated with having to manage wastewater?
• What are the methods by which wastewater can be used?
• What needs to be considered in the use of wastewater by a company?
• Monitoring technology and techniques
• Designing for sustainability
• What are the monitoring and reporting obligations for compliance?

Who should attend?
• Water Authorities
• Industry
• Researchers
• Multi-disciplinary consultants
• Anyone with an interest in sustainable wastewater management

The insights will be worth your time, so grab your lunch and come armed with questions. 
This free webinar will be held at 12.30pm AEST on 11 June.

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